Arisia 2011: January 14-17

It’s that time of year again and much of Boston’s science fiction, fantasy and genre community is getting ready for the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday since that means it’s Arisia 2011. One of the area’s largest full spectrum science fiction conventions will be held at an all new venue this year, the Waterfront Westin with lots of space and facilities. There will numerous activities with guests (Kelley Armstrong and Josh Simpson among others), panels, a costume Masquerade, parties of varying intensity, demos from the Higgins Armory Museum as well as movies and Dealer rooms and gaming (LARP, tabletop etc.) galore. Various members of the Strat extended family will attending as will Manager Mike (where he’ll be running the infamous Anime Hell). I’m not sure if PreRegistration is still accepting at this point, but there is usually plenty of day passes and walk-ins. Events begin Friday January 14 and run till Monday 17th.
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