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Saturday Afternon Sword & Sorcery

PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:59 pm
by Cthulhufnord
Looking at running a Sword and Sorcery rpg at my flat in downtown Natick.
Saturday afternoons, 2:30pm to 6:30-7:00pm.

The game is strongly influenced by the literary works of Fritz Leiber, and Robert E. Howard. Civilization is dark, filthy and decadent. The wilderness is harsh, alien and unforgiving. Setting is human-centric, with much of the world loosely conforming to ancient cultures. The action will be switching between the urban and rural, giving each of the characters their own time to shine.

Mechanics wise I'm fiddling around a bit. I'm currently leaning towards the Desolation rpg. I do have a few other systems in mind too. The feel I'm going for is early to mid 20th century fantasy pulps, so the game is going to be somewhat cinematic.

If interested, either comment on this tread, or shoot me a pm.